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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2006 R1200GSA Moving Along

Well, the bikes in the garage have been breeding like rabbits lately.  I picked up a BMW '09 K1300GT in July and grabbed a BMW '83 R100RS in the beginning of August.  Of course, this was all pre-mediated, but it does involve relinquishing the '06 R1200GS Adventure and the '82 R100T.  I'm going to miss the "ole Cow" (R1200GS Adv) but the K1300GT is my replacement for her and it's a blast to ride.

With 37k on the clock, she was in great shape and sold quickly in July 2012:

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Maiden Voyage

I'm happy to report the R100 is 100% re-assembled and that I've got about 100 miles on the bike since putting it back together.  I know that's not many miles, but the routine is to make some changes, go for a short ride and then return to fix other "little" things.  Getting the throttle cables and crabs dialed in properly have been the most time consuming process.

100% Complete (not pretty, just complete!).

Some pics of final re-assembly process for you:

Clutch throw out lever and assembly installed into back side of transmission.

Swing arm rubber boot installed, ready to go back on bike

Swing arm installed on frame
Installed on frame.  Need to attach rubber boot and clamp to transmission.
Final Drive attached to swing arm and rear shock.

Final Drive

Rear Wheel installed.

Fresh Rubber !!

Exhaust headers assembled and ready to go back on bike.

Exhaust installed on bike.

Final re-assembly just completed, this is right before starting it back up.

Plug with red marking is where Pulse Air system used to inject air into exhaust port.

New Kickstand!  OEM option was not viable for my bike, I managed to score a Browns Side Stand.  

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Hello, just a quick update.  I've spent a lot of hours in the garage over the last week practicing RE-Assembly.  I went into re-assembly thinking it would be an easy/fun activity that would bring all the loose ends of the past together into an awesome product.  Well, I think things are looking good (as you can judge for yourselves below) but I've been plagued with a few parts that were ordered not being correct.  In any case, here is an update on the RE-Assembly process. Comments on each pic, enjoy:

Brake manifold with new Speigler Stainless lines attached.

The Speigler lines attached to the front calipers.

Newly painted right perch plus recently replaced front brake master cylinder attached to Speigler lines.

New rubber "fork gators" (previousely there were no gators) and new blinker assembly.

Close up of new blinker assembly.

Rear Sub-Frame Installed

Transmission installed.

Air Box and Fuel lines Installed.

Transmission + Air Box + Air Filter + Air Snorkel (the snorkel and air box were originally black, but I remove and polished the underlying aluminum.

Properly installed battery box plus all the goodies.  Ready for Carbs!

And the newly painted battery box!!

Another image of the battery box (it looks good, but as I found out later, it is installed backwards in this picture)

Left Carb back on bike.  

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dinner is Set

The project has hit a major milestone today:  all parts disassembled, cleaned, and replaced if worn.  Also, all paint work (frame, rear swing arm, triple clamp, bar sets, controls) is complete and parts are drying this week.  Like a well laid out feast, metal tid bits parts are all accounted for so now it's time to start reassembly.  So that's the milestone:  No more tear down, just re assembling a MOTORCYCLE.

I'll have to wait a few days to re-install painted parts, but mean while i'll start sub section assemblies and repair the damaged wire harness:

New bars, grips, throttle assembly, Speigler Stainless Brake Lines, new throttle and choke cables, etc. etc.

Headers will be wire-wheeled so rust will be gone.  Reynolds stand still needs welding repairs and a trim job to work with the Browns Side Stand.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Frame Repairs

Just a quick progress update:  since the last post I've mainly focused on repairing the frame damage.  To review, the frame, battery box, and rear swing arm had a lot of erosion from a battery that puked all over the place, all of which was hidden behind some duct tape (sorry PO, it didn't quite do the job as intended ... duct tape is not the universal answer).

Original State after battery removal:

And then onto the repairs.  First thing to do is to completely strip off the old paint and rust using a series of sand paper -- starting out with a stripping grit, then following up with some leveling grit:
Sanded and prepped left main frame drops

Lower frame prepped ... 

Battery box mount and inside of left frame lower (see above for all the rust on it)
And then onto the fun part primer and paint ....

Masked and ready for the paint booth.
Another angle:  masked and ready for paint.

Apply primer to all bare metal areas


Finished product, nice smooth paint.

Finished frame.
And just for your reference and deep feeling of satisfaction, this is what it looked like before (yuk):