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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Battery Acid Erosion

The previous owner (PO) must have had some issue with his battery at some point in the bike's 30 year lifetime.  Older batteries required maintenance and contained ports which the internal acid can escape.  Often, on old bikes you'll see a lot of rusting in the battery box area, this is usually caused from a leaky battery or one which puked its insides on the bike at some point.  A lot of folks think that if acid gets in the bike they can just wash it off with water or wipe it off.  Nope.  You gotta neutralize it with something like baking soda, otherwise you end up with the following after 10 years:

Battery Box and Surrounding area.  The rust is from acid eating away the paint and exposing the bare metal.

PO used duct tape (oh boy) to reattach the wiring harness.  Probably after battery acid damaged the zip ties.  Problem is duct tape both captures moisture (acid) and decays over time.

From other side.  You can see what was underneath the duct tape and also that the acid ran down onto the lower frame and eroded paint there also.

This is part of the wiring harness that was under the duct tape.  The wires and fastener are eroded and will need to be repaired.

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