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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Carburetor Rebuild

Things in Carb Land are wrapping up finally!  It took about a week to get all the parts needed to do the job properly.  Thanks to EUBMW, I was able to obtain gaskets and o-rings for a very affordable amount.  I ended up having to buy the float valves from Bing Inc. directly and let me tell you, they were not cheap!

Before Pics, carbs they were quite dirty and I doubt had been serviced for many, many years:

To do the job properly, it requires a complete disassemble of all the little parts, removal of all rubber o-rings and gaskets, and a 24-hr soak in solvent to remove deposits.  Along the way, I do a little scrubbing with 000 Steel Wool and a nylon brush.  Below pic shows one carb fully disassembled and cleaned, next to one awaiting its spa treatment:

Cleaned carb parts with new gaskets, o-rings, and float valves, awaiting reassembly:

And finally ... after a lot of tedious cleaning and careful reassembly, the finished shiny products of my labor:

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