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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The 1982 R100T Project

Behold pictures below of the latest motorcycle project: a R100T with 77k miles on the odometer.  She appears to be a good, solid platform for an enlightening winter project.  My current line of thinking is to repair all mechanical issues and along the way, take her in the general direction of a "cafe racer" and/or a "bobber" combination.  In my initial inspection while buying her, I noticed a lot of deferred maintenance, so I'm going to have to start there and as my budget allows, get into the customization I have in mind.  The mechanical "must do's" include all of the following:  
Customizations I have in mind include:
  • Remove "smog" or "secondary air system."  This will clean up some of the clutter around motor. DONE (I will post pics soon)
  • Correct the current "ride off" center stand (an aftermarket stand popular in the era, but it is currently difficult to use and the bike seems to want to tip over). -  DONE
  • Polish wheels  -  DONE 
  • Change bars to "club man" style or straight "drag bars" -   DONE
  • Look for a small faring  - Not Started
  • Repair the whiskey tango holes left over on the rear cowl from the previous owner's aftermarket luggage rack  -  DONE
  • Replace the seat with something more appealing -  DONE
  • Remove stock mirrors and replace with bar end mirrors  -   DONE

Here are some pictures from the first day I owned her.  I think you can click on these to enlarge.  Further down, I'll give some examples of the general direction I want to take her....

Day of Purchase -- Love the Rust

Seat has about 70k miles on it!

Love the custom holes in the rear cowl.

And this is the general direction I plan on going with the project:

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