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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Transmission Rebuild

How do you know when your transmission needs attention?  Mine "whines like a toddler" (no disrespect to my dear daughter, Emmery) and is clearly in bad condition.  So, I'll be removing, packaging, and sending my transmission to Bob Clement in Roberts, Montana.  He owns and operates Bob's Motorwerks and is a "specialist" on all Airhead BMW's built between 1955 and 1995 and is a well respected Airhead Mechanic with a good reputation amongst BMW owners.  He was very helpful when I was buying the bike and spent some time on the phone with me explaining what to look for (exhaust valve issues and such), so I'm going to "roll the dice" and trust his reputation.  I've never dealt with a motorcycle mechanic via USPS and the phone.  But he has many, many years of experience and has helped hundreds of folks who are satisfied.  All he does is work on Airheads and early K-Bikes so he must be good at what he does!

The transmission (for my non mechanical friends) is the "thing" that sits just behind the cylinder head in the picture below.  It is right above that center stand thing holding the bike up:

Before Transmission Removal
After Transmission Removal
Top Side + Clutch Throwout Assembly

Rear View:  That Circular thing is where the Universal Joint Attaches.

Transmission Out - Engine Bell Housing

Frame and Motor - Getting to the bottom of the project.

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