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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dinner is Set

The project has hit a major milestone today:  all parts disassembled, cleaned, and replaced if worn.  Also, all paint work (frame, rear swing arm, triple clamp, bar sets, controls) is complete and parts are drying this week.  Like a well laid out feast, metal tid bits parts are all accounted for so now it's time to start reassembly.  So that's the milestone:  No more tear down, just re assembling a MOTORCYCLE.

I'll have to wait a few days to re-install painted parts, but mean while i'll start sub section assemblies and repair the damaged wire harness:

New bars, grips, throttle assembly, Speigler Stainless Brake Lines, new throttle and choke cables, etc. etc.

Headers will be wire-wheeled so rust will be gone.  Reynolds stand still needs welding repairs and a trim job to work with the Browns Side Stand.


  1. When will dinner be ready?! Very exciting to be at this stage of the game!

  2. If by dinner, you mean the completed project, I'm thinking maybe March 11th !!