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Monday, February 20, 2012

Frame Repairs

Just a quick progress update:  since the last post I've mainly focused on repairing the frame damage.  To review, the frame, battery box, and rear swing arm had a lot of erosion from a battery that puked all over the place, all of which was hidden behind some duct tape (sorry PO, it didn't quite do the job as intended ... duct tape is not the universal answer).

Original State after battery removal:

And then onto the repairs.  First thing to do is to completely strip off the old paint and rust using a series of sand paper -- starting out with a stripping grit, then following up with some leveling grit:
Sanded and prepped left main frame drops

Lower frame prepped ... 

Battery box mount and inside of left frame lower (see above for all the rust on it)
And then onto the fun part primer and paint ....

Masked and ready for the paint booth.
Another angle:  masked and ready for paint.

Apply primer to all bare metal areas


Finished product, nice smooth paint.

Finished frame.
And just for your reference and deep feeling of satisfaction, this is what it looked like before (yuk):

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