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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Progress in Paint

Well after that last "broken-this and broken-that" post, I think it is time to show some of the progress I'm making in dealing with the paint issues I bought.  If you recall, the PO had some sort of battery issue which resulted in battery acid getting all over the battery box, the sub frame, the main frame, and the swing arm.  At this stage in the project, I'm focused on "mechanical restoration" so I'm not yet at the point where I'll start repainting the tank, fenders, and rear cowl; however, repairing the battery acid damage is important because the steel is rusting and will just continue to decay.

After looking around for best paint options and doing a couple of painting samples I ended up using a VHT Roll Bar & Chassis paint.  BMW frames are standard black but the hard part is matching the sheen.  They are in between Gloss and Semi Gloss (aka, Satin) and after considering both I ended up using the VHT Gloss Black.  I specifically chose it for its heat resistance and general durability AND because it was self priming.  But the worry got the best of me on the swing arm since the rusting was severe and a little remained even after sanding it hard ... so I did a primer coat of Rustoleum which is good at sealing bare metal with slight rust:

Swing arm shows rust and poor paint.

Battery box shows rust and acid erosion.
Swing arm properly sanded (to bare metal) and prepped for paint.

Swing arm with primer coat.

Swing arm, battery box, and throttle perch with final gloss black coat.
Whiskey Tango paint booth (it worked amazingly well to contain the draft; I had very little if any paint dust in the garage).


  1. Is the paint you've used here going to work with the existing factory paint or are you planning on re-painting the whole of the bike to go with the 'Cafe Racer' theme? Ray T.

  2. I'm only repainting the frame, sub frame, swing arm and other eroded components (the black stuff) right now. I'm going to hold off on the tank, fenders, and rear cowl until next year after I get the bike mechanically sound. The paint I'm using now (black paint) is compatible with the factory black pant for sure!