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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Maiden Voyage

I'm happy to report the R100 is 100% re-assembled and that I've got about 100 miles on the bike since putting it back together.  I know that's not many miles, but the routine is to make some changes, go for a short ride and then return to fix other "little" things.  Getting the throttle cables and crabs dialed in properly have been the most time consuming process.

100% Complete (not pretty, just complete!).

Some pics of final re-assembly process for you:

Clutch throw out lever and assembly installed into back side of transmission.

Swing arm rubber boot installed, ready to go back on bike

Swing arm installed on frame
Installed on frame.  Need to attach rubber boot and clamp to transmission.
Final Drive attached to swing arm and rear shock.

Final Drive

Rear Wheel installed.

Fresh Rubber !!

Exhaust headers assembled and ready to go back on bike.

Exhaust installed on bike.

Final re-assembly just completed, this is right before starting it back up.

Plug with red marking is where Pulse Air system used to inject air into exhaust port.

New Kickstand!  OEM option was not viable for my bike, I managed to score a Browns Side Stand.  

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  1. Impressive work. You are obviously multi-talented.